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Voix Off Feminine - TV/Radio - Doublage - ISDN
Voix Off Feminine - TV/Radio - Doublage - ISDN

Claudia Voix Off

"An early vocation started at the age of 7 : I wanted to host a Radio show" :)))

Claudia Voice Over Artist

Commercial | Digital | Telephone

Corporate Video| Motion Design

E-Learning | Training

Serious Games

Claudia Voice Talent

Claudia Voix® - 2008 - 2017






Rates? One of the most crucial question of the job...

If you are looking for a reliable, professional and experimented voice talent

for your recording, we will work together to find the best compromise,

respecting your requirements, my skills and our common interests!

As a Professional you are supposed to know the rate of each single project’s type!


Obviously, you will always find voice talents for less

much, much, much less) expensive rates than me!

You have two ways to consider this difference:

First: you launch a casting call to make your selection among several

potential voice talents, or you contact me directly because

YOU have chosen MY voice and style for your project

(Commercial Ad, training, Corporate, Motion Design E-Learning…;

In both case, each project has its price.

We are sure that we walk on the same planet;

Second: you have launched a massive “rate wanting” casting call;

Then, the “I Voice” planet will offer you “80% less of the lowest rate”

or “whatever you want to pay is ok”…

And you will get “80% less quality” or “whatever I tell is ok”!

Please always feel free to contact me for any inquiry: I love the Louboutin shoes, but what I like most is working with talented and creative professional,

gifted for the writing of inventive scripts !

Need to be convinced?

I provide free (short) recording samples of your scripts!

You will just have to send me the sample script, and a detailed brief

explaining what you exactly expect from me;

You are the “inventor” of this script, you have heard it in your hears

in writing it, you have “seen” the final result… Not me!

Without specific requirements from you, I will interpreter your script with my own feeling, my own “vision” of your script…

Not necessary yours…

My "W A L K   O F   F A M E"

Studios And Agencies Worldwide...

Mother Tongue - OnHold Studio - Viewon - Media Paten - Distrisoft - Studio Solo

Le Studio Le son - Prime Voices - UVOICES - Widevox - Black Coffee

Odyance - Acclaro - Leety Films - Toninton

...For Renowned Brands

Amazon - Hasbro - Chicco - Volvo Ocean Race - Visa Europe – Microsoft

Nestlé – Pfizer Le Meridien - The St. Regis New York - Isola Bank Malte - Merck - IBM

L’Etat de Virginie – UNICEF – Heinz - Habitat

Shiva - Prix Nobel - American Express - Luxe TV - Real Time - Tiffany…

TV / Radio Commercials : Ketchup Heinz, Romantik Hotels, Habitat, Shiva

A question? A Quote? More Info?

Contact Claudia

+33 681 25 27 09

Claudia Voice Talent