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Voix Off Feminine - TV/Radio - Doublage - ISDN
Voix Off Feminine - TV/Radio - Doublage - ISDN

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"An early vocation started at the age of 7 : I wanted to host a Radio show" :)))

"I've been learning my job in one of the most famous French Radio Station:

Radio Monte Carlo

Claudia Voice Over Artist

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I started dreaming of working in a Radio Station at the age of 7...

At school, I was the one who was making the show! Not always praised by the teachers, but much appreciated by my fellow pupils...

Well, nobody's perfect...

There is no scool or university to teach you that very special thing called "Talent"; I guess I had some to finally enjoy that much this job!

I learned my work in one of the most prestigious Radio Station in France: Radio Monte Carlo

So I had the chance to work with outstanding sound engineers!

They had "such Ears" !

I learned so much during multiple training sessions; The Program Director (Mr P ...) taught me everything during the post-broadcast debriefs, which always highlighted the possible improvements:

when your mic's on air, there is no second chance!

Working with such professionals, allowed me to gain the basics and the level to which I aspired: from the free talks between the music to the readings of "live" ads without spluttering, or having the appropriate tone to the launching of my fellow journalists for the breaking news, Or to the various press releases (film releases, theater, shows) ...

It is with this background that my career as A Voice Over Actress began: vocal technique, breaths, speed, tone ...

Then came the recordings of commercials, narrations,

and so many different projects...

For over twenty years now, I have adapted my voice to the “new” scripts: more and more "products" have appeared (E-learning, corporate videos, internet, Video Games, Mobile Apps…)


After studying Marketing / Communication,

I worked as a Project Manager Assistant at Havas Conseil, the larger Marketing & Communication Agency Based in Neuilly s / Seine, ...

Perfect for getting to know the needs of announcerss !

Then I have started my career as a Radio Host:

Cannes Radio: sound engineer / Radio Host

South Frequency: sound engineer / Radio Host

RMC Monaco: Radio Host of 6/9 and 9/12

Replacements of Star host Jean Pierre Foucault during absences with “Moustique” on Radio Monte Carlo.

Radio France, RFO Reunion Island,

Fun Radio first launch In Reunion Island.

2002 Advertising Art Director in NRJ Group - Marseille / Lyon

2008: I launch my own professional recording studio.

Claudia Voice Talent

Claudia Voice Talent